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Our Team

Tilo Ponder

– Executive Director / Catalyst

Tilo Ponder - Executive Director / Catalyst Tilo has spent her career as a catalyst for dynamic and integrated campaigns across all media, working with major entertainment and consumer brands such as TiVo, LeapFrog, Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Electronics, and LucasArts. Given the chance to parlay that experience into a more purposeful existence, Tilo’s intense passion is a driving force behind all GoodMaker initiatives. With a firm belief that our partners should benefit from our collective marketing and advertising prowess, her focus now rests solely on leveraging that experience for the greater good. A paragon of positivity, Tilo’s vision both inspires and imbues stakeholders everywhere with confidence in the medium of visual storytelling as an undeniable tool, capable of changing hearts and minds.

Cris Blyth

– Film Director / Co-Founder

Cris is a commercial director, animator, editor and VFX expert. As an industry pioneer, Cris’s technical & artistic background includes an extensive knowledge of the latest equipment, techniques & digital workflows. From his beginnings with photography, to creating some of the games industry’s first cinematic sequences, to then VFX and directing commercials for accounts like Gatorade, EA Sports, Disney and Michelin, the breadth of Cris’s creative reach is undeniable.

With a desire to use his skills for good and live a life of purpose, Cris brings a contagious energy and tireless work ethic to the issues of the day.

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