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Project Zawadi – Adam’s Story

GoodMakers traveled to Tanzania in May of 2009 and had the extraordinary experience of filming and interviewing the faculty and students of Project Zawadi. The resulting short doc ‘Adam’s Story’ tells the inspiring and courageous story of Project Zawadi’s first graduating student who nearly
died of infectious diseases as a young boy and instead, was rescued by Project Zawadi who placed Adam in a village family and provided him with an education.  Adam is now attending law school.

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Production Notes:

Adam’s Story was our first short doc we shot while on a safari tour of Tanzania in 2009. We volunteered to shoot the doc for Project Zawadi, not realizing how this story would change our lives. It’s impossible not to be forever changed by meeting Adam, one of the most beautiful human beings we’ve ever met. Adam is a living example of what happens when sheer will and divine intervention comes together. Thanks to Brian Singer, founder of Project Zawadi, Adam was rescued from life on the streets and is now attending law school and mentoring hundreds of school kids who all strive to be like Adam and go to university one day. We followed Adam back to his home village he left as a young boy, at that time dying from infectious worm disease that was literally eating away his flesh. When we arrived with Adam in his home village, people stared at Adam like they had seen a ghost because they all assumed he had died long ago. To say that Adam was like a returning hero is the least of what we experienced.. He was also a hero because of his university status, which is akin to us telling our peers that we aim to ‘go to the moon’. With the help of inspirational leaders like Adam and visionary nonprofit founders like Brian Singer, more African youth will be achieving their ‘going to the moon’ dream of receiving a higher education and bright future.

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