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GoodMakers – Why ?

Having spent a combined 30 years in the advertising industry, Cris and Tilo saw an opportunity to bring their film-making experience to charities who lacked short documentary style videos telling stories of their good works.

We realized that charities and organizations should not be spending their precious time and money in developing ways to gain more exposure. So, why not use our expertise an advertising and filming to help them.

Inspired by the African saying, ‘If you pray, move your feet,’ they now donate their services to extraordinary organizations who inspire change and assist people in need.

Cris and Tilo love nothing more than a good story to shoot… and their adventures involve the entire family. 7 year old Ronan has been on the go since he was a toddler, having spent considerable time on film shoots that take place in Hollywood and the African bush. Daughters Amy and Marushka assist with research, production and fundraising efforts.


Advertising industry veterans, creating leading campaigns and commercials for corporate America including; Michelin, Apple, Kraft Foods, Pennzoil and many others. Donate 20% of personal earnings and production services to GoodMakers Films. Nonprofit corporation 501c(3)

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