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Rift Valley Children’s Village


Rift Valley Children’s Village is home to 70 orphaned children from newborn to 17.  Finding creative activities for children in a wide age range is tricky under any circumstances, particularly when we only had one day to bring all of the children together for fun.


The GoodMakers Street Team hosted a ‘Rec Day’ which was designed to entertain and engage all of the children and culminate in an end of day showcase.  The older kids really loved the DJ Boot Camp, and all of the children, including the volunteers and ‘house mama’s,’ enjoyed the dance workshop, which included a choreographed routine to the Kenyan pop song, ‘ African Child.’  A soccer tournament was also held, which many of the younger children enjoyed immensely.


GoodMakers filmed the entire Rec Day experience, including filming ‘a day in the life’ of’ a young boy whom we had filmed the previous year.  It was inspiring to learn about how he came through an incredibly difficult past to where he is now- a happy, bright and well adjusted young man who credits his life and future to RVCV and the visionary founder India Howell. Without her, this young man might not be alive today.


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