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Tackle Africa


Tackle Africa provides critical anti-HIV/AIDS health education through soccer drills, reaching the most poor and remote communities in Africa. Tackle Africa sought to extend their reach to slum area children, many orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS that took the lives of one or both parents.


GoodMakers hosted a three day intensive Community Coach training program in Nairobi for 28 school teachers, including teachers who traveled from Tanzania, along with area Oasis children’s home directors. The training was followed by a two day Soccer Tournament held in Kibera and attended by two hundred children from homes in the Kibera slum and surrounding area. The soccer tournament gave the newly trained coaches an opportunity to practice the unique curriculum taught by Tackle Africa, and the children were introduced to fun and engaging way of sharing life saving health care information through sport. GoodMakers filmed the soccer tournament and training, which will result in a short documentary to assist Tackle Africa with awareness building.


This sustainable Sports and Health Awareness Program will now reach thousands of children in Kenya and Tanzania. GoodMakers plans to host periodic Community Coach Trainings throughout the year to continue to reach the most vulnerable children, providing critical health education to a future generation who can begin to reduce the HIV/AIDS related deaths that orphan thousands of children each year. GoodMakers is also seeking funding for an All-Women’s Soccer Program, to empower young girls to become active in athletics and receive critical preventive health education that will build strong bodies and minds.

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