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Alive & Kicking


Alive & Kicking is located in Nairobi and makes Africa’s only hand-sewn soccer balls using an all-local staff and sourcing materials from local suppliers. Alive & Kicking has faced fierce competition in recent years, from large scale manufacturers, such as Nike and Adidas, who are able to offer soccer balls at a lesser price due to mass production using cheap labor in places such as China and Vietnam. Alive & Kicking is an amazing company that needed to increase their brand presence. The global customers would need to see the benefit of purchasing hand-crafted soccer balls from a company that employs a staff of 50 Africans and provides wages that enable them to pay for school fees and support their families.


GoodMakers shot a short documentary at Alive & Kicking, focusing on the craftsmanship that goes into the hand-sewn soccer balls and the commitment that Alive & Kicking has made to health education. They designate a portion of their revenue to a community-based sports/health education program that is facilitated by Tackle Africa. The film will highlight the vision of the staff management to uphold the standards of excellence in spite of being a much smaller supplier. The film will follow a hand-made soccer ball into the community, which is then used in sports/health awareness programs lead by Tackle Africa.


The film will demonstrate the successful partnership that Alive and Kicking has with Tackle Africa and how the soccer balls are an important part of reaching thousands of children impacted by HIV/Aids.

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