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Kilimanjaro Film Institute – Workshop 2012

GoodMakers taught a 5-day Digital Film Boot Camp in Sept 2011 at the Kilimanjaro Film Institute located in Arusha, Tanzania.  What an amazing experience to see how quickly the students learned, and just as quickly, applied their knowledge as they joined the GoodMakers crew for a documentary shoot at a nearby primary school.  The film course, lead by Cris Blyth, covered an intensive camera overview to give the students a realistic feel for the digital cameras that are new to the market. Or, as in the case of the Sony PF100 cameras that we had with us (Thank you Sony!), it gave them an opportunity to work with cameras that are soon to be on market.

The students loved the steady arm rig that Cris Blyth demonstrated, quickly realizing that it’s harder than it looks to get a steady arm to steady itself.. It was particularly exciting to review some of the wonderful short documentary programs that KFI has completed, and a plan was created for GoodMakers to return in the spring with an editor who would teach a master Final Cut Pro class.




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