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Kilimanjaro Film Institute – Workshop 2011

GoodMakers Films are proponents of life long learning and shared knowledge, understanding that through the continuous exchange of knowledge and ideas we will enable better stories to be told.
We have taught film labs in many countries and we also invite students from these film labs to join our crews on local shoots whenever possible, which creates employment opportunities and sustainable models for on-going employment even after we’re gone.

Recently, we taught a digital film in Arusha to Tanzanian film students and local professionals who wanted to learn about the new digital workflows for production and post production. Here’s some pictures and video from this course.

Onsea House Film Workshop : Production Notes & Video

GoodMakers Films created a class assignment to create a promotional trailer for The Onsea House, who hosted the film lab. We provided a curriculum that was a combination of hands-on learning with our Canon 5D and 7D digital cameras we provided, an overview of the pre-production, production and post production process including Final Cut Pro workshops. The end result was a beautifully shot promo trailer for Onsea House, which the students assisted with filming and later edited by GoodMakers. The students were incredibly dedicated, eager to learn and one of the local professionals who attended the film lab, also joined our crew for the Dr Frank shoot. Overall, an incredibly rewarding experience and knowledge exchange which we look forward to repeating soon!

Student Film Lab Testimonial Video

Here’s our lovely students !

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