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What We Do

 We unlock the potential that exists in charities, NGO’s & marginalized communities through documentaries and youth-lead development.

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of global non-profit groups to life.

We support charities that have amazing stories by them the benefit of our filmmaking experience to deliver short documentaries that help encourage donation, and help provide exposure to these amazing causes. Here are a list of the types of projects we seek, and a list of projects in development.

Extraordinary Stories

Charities who bring empowerment to marginalized women through reconciliation, education, microfinance or mentorship.

Women Global Empowerment Fund
Read more here: Annual Drama Contest
Short documentary coming soon!
Charities who support marginalized youth and provide opportunities of education, medicine, mentorship and otherwise provide safeguard measures against threatening forces, such as sex traffickers.

Flying Kites Global
Short documentary coming soon!
Charities who are extending the reach of health services in development communities, including HIV & AIDS and Malaria health education.

FAME Africa
See our short film on Dr Frank: The Bush Doctor: F.A.M.E. Dr. Frank: The Bush Doctor – GoodMakersFilms
Visit their site: FAME Africa
Tackle Africa
Read more here: Tackle Africa
Visit their site: Tackle Africa
Charities committed to furthering sustainable living models including access to clean water for women and children who risk their lives daily in rural areas of developing countries. We also recognize that there is a fine line between endangered children and endangered wildlife, and support community development which establishes alternative means to poaching.

Friedkin Conservation Fund Friedkin Conservation Fund’s Blog
Tanzania Anti-Poaching PSA Campaign – Coming soon!

Community Projects

A dynamic film on music as the great equalizer and healing force in war torn countries such as Uganda, particularly within orphanages where music provides common ground among children who are putting their lives back together.
Provide American students with cultural, geographical, and humanitarian insight into communities around the globe, complete with hands-on support projects and virtual classrooms worldwide. GoodMakers is working with university film programs to provide internship and mentorship opportunities, and a few select student filmmakers will be offered a crew position.
The Kenyan elephant wildlife population has plummeted by 80% in recent years due to poachers and encroachment on the wildlife by government enforced Massai settlements, forcing many to co-exist in a space previously occupied only by the elephants. Our film will look at this conflict and possible measures to curb the killing of Elephants in and around Amboseli and the greater Eco system of Kenya and Tanzania
Our GM Street Team travels with us to Tanzania and Kenya in 2011 to facilitate a series of creative workshops to orphaned children and engage them in a process of creating multimedia ‘stories of transformation’ through the arts of music, dance, mural arts and spoken word. The compelling stories of past, present and future will be shared at a final performance and the entire experience filmed.
Under the direction of well known mural artist and art teacher Katie Yamasaki, GoodMakers will invite children in Africa to write poems of their past and hopes for their futures, which Katie’s art students will illustrate and then the poem, illustration and picture of the child will be framed and then provided to different charities for fundraising purposes. The Postcard Project opens up a dialogue between the school children of different cultures, beginning lifelong learning and friendships.

By Clicking this button you directly HELP people, go on, you know you want to !

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