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Our Team

Tilo Ponder

– Executive Director / Catalyst

Tilo Ponder - Executive Director / Catalyst Tilo has spent her career as a catalyst for dynamic and integrated campaigns across all media, working with major entertainment and consumer brands such as TiVo, LeapFrog, Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Electronics, and LucasArts. Given the chance to parlay that experience into a more purposeful existence, Tilo’s intense passion is a driving force behind all GoodMaker initiatives. With a firm belief that our partners should benefit from our collective marketing and advertising prowess, her focus now rests solely on leveraging that experience for the greater good. A paragon of positivity, Tilo’s vision both inspires and imbues stakeholders everywhere with confidence in the medium of visual storytelling as an undeniable tool, capable of changing hearts…and minds.

Cris Blyth

– Film Director / Co-Founder

Cris is a commercial director, animator, editor and VFX expert. As an industry pioneer, Cris’s technical & artistic background includes an extensive knowledge of the latest equipment, techniques & digital workflows. From his beginnings with photography, to creating some of the games industry’s first cinematic sequences, to then VFX and directing commercials for accounts like Gatorade, EA Sports, Disney and Michelin, the breadth of Cris’s creative reach is undeniable.

With a desire to use his skills for good and live a life of purpose, Cris brings a contagious energy and tireless work ethic to the issues of the day.

Rusty Wright

– Director of Marketing Strategy / Distiller

As a creative director and writer working on accounts such as Comcast, Pro Football Hall of Fame, AAA and NBC Universal, you might conclude that the world of traditional big city advertising has separated Rusty from his Midwestern roots. Not true. Born and raised in a small town in Western Kentucky, Rusty holds fast to the traditions of community and connectedness. He is intensely social, insatiably curious, and a veritable renaissance man in the truest sense. Whether it’s the story you tell, or the channels you use to get the word out, he knows that PEOPLE are the key to any successful marketing effort. With an uncanny balance between the analytical left-brain and the intuitive right, Rusty distills social, behavioral and creative influences down to tactical strategies that are deeply personal, always with an eye towards moving people to action.

Mire Molnar

– Community Outreach / Advocate

Since the time of her trip to Kenya at age 10, Mire has been in love with Africa. In fact, her heart still resides there, where most recently she has been a volunteer and activist for a small village in Zimbabwe. There, the fruit of her efforts include a pre-school, a windmill and a health clinic.

But like every other GoodMaker, her experience is richly-varied; relationship builder, campaign planner, fundraiser, board member, and social marketer, to name a few. Specifically geared toward new economic models that connect audiences with philanthropic causes, Mire’s goals perfectly reflect our ultimate aim of inspiring action among our global citizenry.

A broad, relevant skillset and a lasting familial bond with a small African village: we couldn’t have scripted it any better.

Basil Kessey

– Africa Unit Production Manager / Cameraman

Bas is key to our productions in Africa. From being a seasoned filmmaker, and being unit/local production manager, cameraman, sound engineer, 1st AC, and interpreter to many of the larger filming events in East Africa, we would find it impossible to work there now without his involvement. Bas has worked with many crews from the BBC to Discovery Channel, and is far more than any of these roles. We are always honored to have him as a key and vital part of our crew and part of the GoodMakers family.

Craig Fields

– Senior Editor / Producer


Craig has edited almost all of our pieces, and after working at OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) has become part editor, part producer. Our team would not be complete without Craig.

Bruce Ponder

– Founder, “One More Bike” Initiative

Bruce Ponder leveraged a background in business development and combined his passion for cycling to create a dynamic program called, ‘One More Bike.’ OMB aims to encourage urban communities to engage in cycling lifestyles to promote health, reduce carbon foot print and create sustainable bike-related businesses in developing communities. Bruce has traveled by bike in many countries and gained an understanding of the challenges that many people in rural areas face as a result of not having affordable transport, such as not being able to reach medical services or to attend school. Bruce is heading up the launch of OMB’s pilot program in key US cities including Los Angeles, Chicago and NYC which will partner with community based organizations to promote biking lifestyles. The global program will first launch in African communities such as the Kibera slum in Nairobi, and offer a bike repair training course where at-risk youth will learn how to rehab abandoned bikes and rent them out to create sustainable revenue. OMB will also set up mentorships with local bike shops to allow youth to continue building bike repair skills in a professional environment.

Bruce’s passion is to strengthen communities and sees the possibility of bridging cultural and social gaps, one bike at a time.

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