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“God helps those who help themselves.”

Inspired by: Algernon Sydney

Marushka Tihane M eats, breathes and sleeps GOOD creative purpose …minus the ‘sleep.’ Compulsively generating ideas for new GM initiatives and working like mad to make such initiatives possible has become her entire existence. Starting out as an actress, playwright and journalist, Marushka attended NYU Tisch, but soon became frustrated with the endless auditioning and waiting around for opportunities. She then began writing professionally for two online publications, while spitting out a hefty manuscript of a first novel, but still felt an inability to channel her best creative instincts, and so began teaching herself to play her roommate’s guitar. This seemingly random notion uncovered Marushka’s truest passion and primary life purpose – music. Returning to her home in Los Angeles to pursue a career as a vocalist, Marushka worked with a multitude of musicians, professional and amateur, writing, recording and producing original music. A wide range of musical tastes led her to L.A’s Scratch Academy to take DJ classes, where she met Goodmaker’s resident DJ, Jawa, with whom she instantly founded a powerful creative partnership. After recording and releasing an EP entirely independently, the two realized they shared a passion for empowering artists, encouraging creative activism and instigating global change. Since then, Marushka Tihane M has set to work spreading the Goodmaker’s philosophy that to give is to get and that all people can pursue their personal ambitions while simultaneously doing GOOD for the world.


“I am not eccentric.  It’s just that I am more alive than most people.  I am an unpopular electric eel set in a pond of goldfish.” – Dame Edith Sitwell

Inspired by: Rachel’s beloved father Andy Ackerman, who passed away recently and wanted more than anything for Rachel to pursue her passion to be an activist, artist and thought leader.

Rachel Ackerman may like to crack jokes about being an old lady when it comes to climbing stairs during power walks with her grandma, but anyone can easily see that Rachel possesses an enthusiasm and wonder for life usually seen only in small children. Rachel has a heart for nonprofit work, reflected clearly in her past initiatives, such as spear heading a university chapter of Invisible Children, traveling to Chicago for their national awareness campaign attended by thousands, and coordinating countless campaigns and events for charitable fundraisers. Having graduated recently from UC Davis, Rachel has producing in her family bloodline (her father headed up production at Warner Bros for many years and also produced for television and film) and carries the torch with great excitement.  In addition to film, Rachel’s passion is to bring her love of producing ‘stories worth telling,’ to support the sharing of such stories and to spread GOOD globally.


“A sword is useless in the hands of a coward.” - Nichiren Daishonin

Inspired by: Nichiren Daischonin

Tireless in his pursuit of turntable excellence, DJ Jawa has dedicated his life to the decks since 1998. Beginning in New York City, uncovering the underground in Boston, and state-hopping to Southern California, DJ Jawa’s musical vocabulary is remarkably vast, ranging from old school soul, true funk, b-boy breaks, original beats and every style in-between. No stranger to diverse performance, DJ Jawa has held down the infamous stages of Hammerstein Ballroom and San Diego’s HardRock, traveling within and beyond his resident U.S. to spin celebrity weddings, specialized events, B-boy jams and battle competitions. Extremely versatile, Jawa has extensive experience creating and producing music for film, spinning celebrity photoshoots for the likes of Queen Latifah and LL Cool J, and presently teaches a variety of techniques in traditional turntablism at Los Angeles’ Scratch Academy. Most recently titled 2010’s “King of L.A,” you’ll find DJ Jawa guest spinning on KPFK’s 90.7 Breakbeats and Rhymes radio show, holding down open house in-stores and compulsively SPINNING FOR GOOD.

Kicks For Good – Max Ulaner

“Every day above ground is a good day.” – Scarface

Inspiration by:  His mother Terri Ulaner – for the kind way she treats people and how she loves life on a daily basis.

Few men pride themselves on being obsessed with shoes, but Max Ulaner takes no shame in promoting his passions for footwear. Born and raised in Allentown, PA, Max raised himself up through hard work – bussing tables, driving delivery trucks, bartending, dishwashing, sandwich making and everything in-between – so it’s no wonder a man accustomed to spending long hours on his feet can appreciate a pair of sneakers. For a boy whose first loves were basketball and Batman, Max always gravitated toward sports gear and film, but felt unsure as to where exactly he might uncover his true purpose. His wonderings led him to Penn State University, where he received his degree in film and business before working in production at NYC’s DraftFCB and L.A’s Method Studios. He has since become the Goodmakers go-to for fresh street style campaigns and marketing strategy, capitalizing on urban wear as a significant staple of both contemporary culture and community. Working as a GM cameraman and campaign leader, Max continues to investigate his place in the world, spreading GOOD, honoring athleticism and furthering film in the meanwhile.

RESIDENT CHEF – Food For Good – Julia Roth

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

Inspired by: Eve Ensler

Resident Goodmakers chef Julia Roth, was born with cake batter in her blood stream and a spatula in hand. Raised by an army of women who consider cooking a holy art form, Julia began baking in her earliest years, first for innocent enjoyment, later for massive family gatherings and finally for everyone in her life. Heading out to college with intensions to study acting at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Julia soon realized she was spending more time testing new recipes on her theatre company than she was acting and then decided to take a large leap abroad to earn her culinary stripes from those who know best – the Italians and the French. While attending traditional cooking classes in Florence, apprenticing rustic cuisine on a rural farm, studying with Italy’s most acclaimed Chocolatier, getting cursed at by French teachers for “smiling too much,” Julia cooked her way across Europe and countless cultures, culminating in her pastry chef certification from the Cordon Bleu in Paris. She presently works at NYC’s famed Babycakes bakery and manages her own freelance catering company, Crybabies, providing outrageously delicious food for creative events, film crews and various fundraising campaigns.

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