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Agape Youth Conference

Posted on May 29, 2011 in Events, Local, Local Charities, News, Our Projects, Our Work, USA, Youth Led Development

In April, the GoodMakers Street Team was invited to teach creative workshops with the kids at Agape’s Revelation Conference in Los Angeles. DJ Jawa shared his love of music with the kids, letting them take a turn with his tables and do a little scratching for the group. Marushka introduced the kids to mind mapping, spoken word & citizen journalism, getting them to openly express themselves and realize that there is no such thing as a silly idea. Max presented his Kicks for Good initiative and had the kids design and color their shoes. Guicemann was there for inspiration, working on pairs along side them. Last but certainly not least, Julia talked about her Food for Good and taught the kids how to make healthy snacks. It was an amazing weekend. Agape emphasized the importance of heart & art,...

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The GoodMakers Street Team — A Mother Watches Young Activists Empower Global Change

Posted on May 22, 2011 in GM Street Team, News, Street Team News

Tilo Ponder published the following article as a guest blogger at the site Progressive Impact – Douglas LaBier. When my 21-year-old daughter suddenly left NYU Tisch a year and a half ago and came home to Los Angeles, she didn’t really know what she was returning to do — only that she was deeply concerned about how rapidly the deteriorating economy was impacting the world around her. She reported that her college friends were feeling anxious and depressed, some of them dropping out of school as their parents, who had lost their jobs, were unable to keep up with tuition payments.  In our home, we were scrambling to keep everything going, but were committed to keeping our daughter in college, no matter what.  My husband is a freelance commercial director, I was at an ad agency heading up production and also...

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GMStreetTeam – Why ?

Posted on Feb 7, 2011 in 2011 International Projects, GM Street Team, Local, News, Our Projects, Our Work, Street Team News

Take Back the Block focuses on empowering global change through art, athletics and social activism.   We travel to underserved cities, strengthening local communities through specific team-building projects with an aim to assist in rebuilding our planet. By spotlighting community leaders, inspirational volunteers and charity organizations, the GM Street Team works to motivate belief in change, challenging ourselves and others to pair passion with purpose for Good. Through mixed media broadcast, live streaming and online archives, those at home follow the journey – hearing, seeing and experiencing the change their support has made possible. Whether America, Africa, two blocks down or twenty thousand miles forward, the GM Street Team has made a commitment to create better opportunities for better living. We honor the work in our world that’s already working, and work for more of it! Using what we...

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About GoodMakers Street Team

Posted on Dec 7, 2010 in GM Street Team

Create. Collaborate. Celebrate. Change. The Goodmaker’s Street Team serves as the creative youth division of Goodmaker’s. Comprised of a collection of tenacious twentysomethings, the GM Street Team is a self-sufficient tribe of do-gooders, producing and managing creative events, initiatives and campaigns to spotlight various charities and spread the general notion of giving back. Collective for GOOD The Collective for GOOD initiative is the GM Street Team’s latest launch, encouraging young people to incorporate ideas of global awareness and creative activism in their lives, without leaving behind their personal ambitions. The ‘Collective for GOOD’ campaign influences people to combine their individual pursuits with Collective for GOOD by establishing communities committed to creating, collaborating and celebrating change. Each Street Team member dedicates a portion of their personal time to a ‘Collective for GOOD’ initiative, resulting in a wide variety of micro-communities,...

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