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Back to the Garden

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Hello Friends, it’s been too long.


There are so many things I have to tell you.  I guess it all started with reading “The Secret Life of Plants,” a book in which my dear friend picked out of her doctor’s office on intuition that I would want to read.

How right she was.  All of a sudden I realized that plants themselves had intuition, had the ability to tell when a human was lying, could stay alive purely on love, could communicate telepathically with their caretakers across cities, even states.  Things I thought I was silly for believing, being a child who told all of my secrets to trees, were actually just the tip of the iceberg.

The long and short of it is: plants are living things that can communicate to each other directly, through roots, so they must be paying close attention physically and psychically to what is moving around them (bees, humans, etc) because that is most likely a predator. So in reality, we communicate with plants like we communicate with other human beings- physically disconnected, but emotionally and psychically attuned.



I suggest:

Go out to the garden

See smell taste touch listen

Learn from what’s around you

Take a minute to focus on Life

Instead of the usual death,

It’s awesome.




I leave you with two things.  One of them is cerebral.  The other spiritual.  But really, there is no difference between those two anyway.  So just enjoy.






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