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Feast Your Eyes

Posted in Food For Good

So, while boppng down the street in London, England, I had the pleasure of finding out that there was a chocolate festival going on near the water.



So here are a couple of pictures:

What I love most about London is they have things in abundance–their health laws are much more relaxed, so they have no problem leaving food on display in these lovely, gorgeous stacks of food;

Brownies, Caramel blondies, PB Brownies, inventive indulgences

Whoopie Pies


They make things pretty, they make it delectable, they are open to new designs, new flavors, new recipes.

Cupcake Party

They love what they love and they love to be introduced to new chocolate to love.

BUT they don’t have any raw chocolate, really.  GUESS WHO THEY NEED??

and my !!!!!

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