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How to Dine and stay Divine: Planet Raw

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One day people will pay me to go out to dinner.  I do it very well, i love it more than nearly anything.  Going out to dinner is an olympic sport and I am the gold medalist.

HOWEVER, when I started “dieting” before I had any knowledge of how to eat for my body instead of eating to get someone else’s body, going out to dinner would be torturous; I couldn’t eat anything, I felt left out, and I kept getting a bad case of the feel-bad-for-myself’s.  It wasn’t fun.  Until NOW.

The skinny on raw food (quickly): Living foods allow nutrients to absorb into your bloodstream rapidly.  We’re made of 70% water, so eating cooked food has the tendency to dehydrate us, and is harder on our systems.  Cool? Cool.


One unsuspecting night I walk into Juliano’s Raw on 6th and Broadway in Santa Monica, and I felt like I walked back into a dream, that I was thrilled to return to.  The mood of this place indicated was going to be “vibey” in a really pleasant way- low lighting, star machines, beautiful orchids, groovy music and a family of beautiful goddesses divinely floating around the place.

I decided to try the two things I knew Raw Foodies all strive for the “best” of- Raw Shakes and Nachos.

I love my job.

1) I tried the Mocha shake.  I loved it.  I want this Mocha shake permanently in an IV attached to me.  It makes you feel like you’re having a Frappuccino though your body and soul feel so much cleaner because instead of chemicals and animal fats and creme that makes your waistline sad, you have an experience of this guiltless mocha milkshake with delicious cashew creme and delicate hints of honey.  It’s all topped with a small scoop of magic granola of goji berries, goldenberries, and cookie crumbles, adding a wonderful texture in juuust the right amount.

I didn’t miss a single milkshake I had ever had.  I just miss THIS shake when I don’t have it.  It’s ambrosia.

2) The Nachos.  OOh the nachos.  Everything in these nachos tasted authentic- flavorful, appropriately spiced, and fresh ingredients.  The light chips have just enough crisp to them but only handle a little topping at a time, which ends up being a blessing for this rich dish.  The combo of unbelievably convincing “sour cream” with avocado and cashew cheese are reminiscent of your good old normal mexican dish, throwing in minced mushrooms beautifully spiced to add texture and a more “meaty” ingredient.  The spice is spicey, so be warned.  And come hungry.

The nachos feel Dirty while your soul feels clean.  What we’ve always wanted.

RAW’s food gets my ultimate seal of approval for all those who want a healthier option but don’t exactly feel like lighting sage and juicing everything in sight.

Juliano’s PLANET RAW///The corner of Broadway and 6th street///Santa Monica, CA

**Also, give a shoutout if you are lucky enough to run into Juliano himself, sitting in the back and probably lovingly harassing you on your way to the bathroom.  He’s one for the books.


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