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The Deer

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BURN ONE FOR J1 (Pt. 1 & 2) by BreezewayFiles

J1 KRS-1

J1 KRS-1

The music group Animal Kingdom’s founder, a good friend and mentor, Jovan “J1″ Coleman a.k.a. THE DEER, has just passed away on Monday in an accident in Sweden.

An article on J1′s death has been written on Stones Throw Records’ website here.

Many of you reading this will wonder “Who is The Deer?”. To be honest with you, he has influenced modern hip hop more than we all imagined.

J1 was a self-taught musician, DJ, and producer that was responsible for the coming up and collaborations of many artists and DJ’s around the world, but particularly for the ‘Master Blazter’ lead singer Dam Funk. J1 had openly promoted and jammed with Dam Funk and future fellow band member Computer Jay in order to get them recognized and later signed to the world famous ‘Stones Throw Records’. Being a habitual dot-connector, J1 was also able to produce and publish the collaborative efforts of several young producers around the world including Dibiase, Ras G, P.U.D.G.E., and Teeko from 4oneFUNK whom all owe a large piece of their popularity to him. He also was very humble and enjoyed being in the background of the music scene, getting more enjoyment from seeing his friends become successful and travel the world. I for one have been immeasurably influenced by J1 in business and music and will never forget his unstoppable fighting spirit.

I will save the words for other more articulate personalities as I know there are many people with many great things to say about J1. However, I have made a beat which is dedicated to him and I hope you enjoy it!

Peace and Love to my brotha’ J1! We’ll chill again some day,


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