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Let’s Talk Soup

Posted in Food For Good

Founder Anthony Carroccio with a delicious looking soup

Founder Anthony Carroccio with a delicious looking soup

Whilst living in New York City, I lived on 7th street, directly across from Tompkins Square Park.

To describe this park, my good friend Gary had said, “Oh hey, I used to buy drugs there in the 70′s…is it livable now?  That’s crazy.”  My father, a New Yorker, also gave me an “oh no you don’t” insisting it was too dangerous.

Well, while we’re not in 1975, nor in the musical “Rent,” I found the amount of homeless living in and around the park astonishing.  I started volunteering for the soup kitchen about a block away, rapidly befriending most of the homeless that lived in the park.

There was even a case in which my three closest, Chess, Frank, and Markee protected me from someone (not so nice) while walking home at night.

It was what I had always talked about–People from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of stories, all unable to eat primarily because of the way we have evolved our food system to be difficult to afford for most and even unfathomable for others.

One species.  One necessity for survival.  We cannot put a price on that–moreover we cannot treat those who need our assistance like pigs just because they need our assistance.  Most soup kitchens come from places of worship, yet the food we give to God’s creatures is HIGHLY ungodly–not a fault of the soup kitchens themselves, but the fact that our government doesn’t support them with proper funds to actually nourish people.  Those improperly nourished need EXTRA nutrients–our bodies are our ONLY physical vessels for being on this planet, their well being must come FIRST.

Thus, I was so happy about finding Organic Soup Kitchen.  And not surprised at all that we’re making this shift.

Founder Anthony Carroccio with a delicious looking soup

They say it themselves,

Organic Soup Kitchen is a non-profit organization with a social objective to provide organic, nutritious, wholesome food to marginalized sectors of Santa Barbara’s community. OSK functions as a Social Business driven to bring about positive change within the community while pursuing financial, economic and environmental sustainability.


“All persons, regardless of economic status, have the right to healthy, organic food, and seeks to nourish and educate at-risk populations while sustaining their health, future, and environment.”

Yes yes yes yes yes yes.  Yes?  YES.


Wonderful, they bring local, organic food from CSA’s and provide EVERYONE with the nutrients that we need as human beings.  That’s not all?  NO WAY!



Culinary Training, Local outreach, Providing nutrition to pregnant women to ensure they have healthy pregnancies.


You get the deal.  They certainly do.



-Educate yourself and those around you about healthy food and its importance

-Cook all the time and with your friends…come cook with me!

-Volunteer at local soup kitchens, One Voice, whatever is around you.

-Donate online at

-SAVE YOUR FOOD and bring it to shelters, find people on the streets.  We waste nearly 100 BILLION pounds of food per year and we DON’T NEED TO.  Let’s stop now, shall we?


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