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Green Holiday Tips!

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Holiday greetings from the GoodMakers Street Team! With the holidays right around the corner, (have already seen decorations on people’s houses!) here is a quick list of ways to make them a little greener  while keeping all your holiday traditions alive.

Lights: Use LED lights for your tree and house. LED lights use a fraction of the energy of other christmas light which means good for the environment AND lowering your energy bill. win win.

Decorations: I always found it so charming when trees were strung with homemade garlands of cranberries, popcorn, orange pomanders and the like. I never really thought about how it is also a re-purposeful and green way to decorate. Using recycled materials, re-purposing things you find around the home, and using natural materials are not only clever and unique ways to add some eco-concious pizzaz.

Gifts: There are a number of sites that have really cool green gifts. jewelry and handbags made from recycled material, watches, toys, you name it. Check out some of these sites for ideas:

Gift Wrapping: Using the newspapers comics is also a great wrapping idea, also kids drawings make a great wrapping paper for smaller gifts. By wrapping the top and bottom of boxes separately, the paper will remain intact and they can be used again next year.  Re-usable gift bags are great since they can be used year-after-year.

Recycle and Re-use: Try to be conscious of this all through the holidays and recycle and re-use  all that you can, from compostable food scraps, to paper, cardboard, bottles, plastic and cans.

Happy Holidays from the GoodMakers. Make this holiday a green one!

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