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OMG for GMOs


The food crisis has always been so intriguing to me for a multitude of reasons. Primarily because food is all i think about anyhow. How to feed people, what to feed them, making sure they don’t go hungry, making sure that what they’re putting in their bodies can ensure their bodies to last for a long time.

Secondly, because it’s absolutely appalling to me that we can base the value of a human’s life on the amount of change in their pocket- that we can actually say to them that they don’t deserve to be looked after or kept alive by being provided sustenance. Food is the one thing we all need that we have actually figured out how to make grow.

What a family of four wastes per MONTH in America.



Below race, color, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political views, tribe or bloodline, we all need to eat to survive.  We are, at the end of it all, one species.

And we literally say to those in need “can’t pay for it? Sucks!”  We don’t have the interest in our own species to survive.

But here’s the thing.  I do.

The last thing I find so intriguing about the food crisis is it is absolutely solvable. Its just a whole lot of imbalances and carelessness.

Here is a sizzler for a film on GMO’s, or Genetically Modified Organisms. Watch it. And don’t be afraid. Just be present with it- this is the truth of a lot of the food we’re eating.


It’s not okay anymore. Or rather, it never was, but now, we are gaining knowledge. And we are gaining strength in numbers. And it’s time we stand up…the time is now. If not now, when?


Take a hint from our friends on Wall St.


It’s about time we woke up.


How dare they try to end this beauty?

To keep us under foot
They bury us in soot
Pretending it’s a chore
To ship us off to war

In this dive
We rediscover sensation
In this dive
We rediscover sensation

Walking in space
We find the purpose of peace
The beauty of life
You can no longer hide

Our eyes are open
Our eyes are open
Our eyes are open
Our eyes are open
Wide wide wide!

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