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Street Team Campaigns

Take Back the Block

Take Back the Block focuses on empowering global change through art, athletics and social activism.

We travel to underserved cities, strengthening local communities through specific team-building projects with an aim to assist in rebuilding our planet. By spotlighting community leaders, inspirational volunteers and charity organizations, the GM Street Team works to motivate belief in change, challenging ourselves and others to pair passion with purpose for Good. Through mixed media broadcast, live streaming and online archives, those at home follow the journey – hearing, seeing and experiencing the change their support has made possible.

Whether America, Africa, two blocks down or twenty thousand miles forward, the GM Street Team has made a commitment to create better opportunities for better living. We honor the work in our world that’s already working, and work for more of it!

Using what we have, to do what we can, to change the world …one block at a time.


Check it! Finally, a story about PEOPLE OUR AGE.
And how we have the power to either make or break this present moment.

This reminds me of a quote one of my favorite acting teachers (picture drunk Jack Nicholson smoking cigarillos at 2pm, teaching improv class at NYU) once said:

“It’s a lot easier to take a shit than to build a sculpture. But at the end of the day, what do you wanna get left with? A piece of shit or a beautiful sculpture?


Urban Gardening

If you live in an urban city you may feel deprived of having your own garden. For example, if you live in an apartment building, you probably don’t get to do much of your own gardening. Maybe you don’t get to grow your own herbs and veggies, or maybe you just miss having some flowers and plants around. I know I would.

But a lot of simple solutions have been conceived that allow urban dwellers to take full advantage of their space and be able to GROW! No matter how little your space is, there are solutions!

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