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This is a video I recently recorded with Novation & multimedia super guru Cris Blyth. It’s about the “Dicers”, Novation’s latest digital DJ accessory, and the topic of digital incorporation into modern DJ’ing.

DJ’ing is a part of a living culture that evolves with time like any other culture. The use of digital DJ programs and accessories is a heavily debated subject in the Hip Hop Community. In the slight overlap of analog and digital DJ’ing is a pocket of evolution where truly talented people can change and grow DJ’ing as an art form. Never white or black, exclusively choosing one or the other is foolish.

The track I used in this juggle was, “You Ain’t No DJ by Big Boi feat. DJ Yelawolf” and I’m rocking the “Love Me Or Leave Me” T-Shirt from Proverse.


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