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Recycle your Batteries!


Be honest…. when the batteries in your remote or cd player (do people still have those?) run out, you take out the batteries and just dump them in the trash, then reload with a fresh batch. Yup, I’m guilty of it too, but now I know better and it’s time for us all to learn how to recycle our batteries!

In the US alone 3 billion batteries are tossed into landfills per year. Yikes! That’s not just a lot of waste that could be avoided, but that’s a lot of toxic waste that could be avoided. Batteries contain many hazardous elements that need to be disposed of properly otherwise they are emitted into our earth. These disposable batteries contain toxic components like mercury, lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, etc., all of which are released into our soil when they are thrown away instead of properly recycled.

And you know it’s bad when the European Union has actually made it the law to recycle your batteries. The law allows customers to return their used batteries to the retail store, who return them to the manufactures, and the manufacturers are then required to pay for the recycling and properly dispose of the waste. The law also sets restrictions on the amount of toxic materials, mercury and cadmium, that can be present in each individual battery. Why is the US not implementing the same important precautions?????

We haven’t been taught to recycle our batteries and they’ve neglected to tell us the harm we are doing in the mindless act of just tossing them in the trash when they stop working. So please, inform people and let them know. Spread the word, RECYCLE YOUR BATTERIES!

You can find your local disposal solution by just looking online! is a great site that makes it super easy to find recycling centers near you!

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