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Perspective Charity Art Show @ James Beach


This past Saturday, April 30th, the GoodMakers Street Team held a charity art show at James Beach in Venice. It was an amazing day filled with art, food, drinks, sun, and good vibes. A beautiful Saturday afternoon on Venice Beach was the setting for the Street Team’s first attempt at hosting an art show and the day couldn’t have gone any better. Raising over $1,000 for GoodMakers Films and the charities they support, GoodMakers Street Team put together another one of their signature events which blended all elements of art and music to create an incredible atmosphere for charitable purposes.

No matter what the cause, or event, GoodMakers Street Team is cable and more then willing to provide everything necessary to have a one-of-a-kind experience while raising awareness for charities and bringing together the local community.

Here’s a small edit of the art show, check it out!

Featured Thumbnail Image by Leah Berman

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