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Hello to my friends out there.

I haven’t been writing, I haven’t been checking in.  I have been pioneering and moving forward and learning how to accept my face on camera and how to let myself come through.  I have been deep into the filmic world and far from the reality of myself. And to you, I apologize.

I started Food For Good as a means of sharing my knowledge and my recipes, but mostly myself and my struggle and my overcoming of that struggle.  Because we are all going through it in one way or another.  And there’s no need to save face.  In fact, saving face is the most ridiculous concept in the whole entire universe.  Because the only thing that anybody ever has to work with, and the only thing anyone can ever respond to, is honesty.  Is the real.  And the best thing I can do, besides share my recipes and facts about what we eat and how we eat it is reveal my own honesty always.

This website, this blog, is about how we treat ourselves.

I have been unbelievably hard on myself lately.  I became competent at putting good things into my body and then lost patience with myself.  I became uncomfortable with exceeding myself, with how well I was doing, with the fact of a new lifestyle as opposed to a passing phase.  I hit an upper limit, not used to the feeling of great success so I took myself down a peg to moderate success, a place I had been used to my whole life, a place of “settling for” instead of “accepting” and growing from.  I know this happens to everyone.  All I can say to you is this:

Everything you’ll ever need, you already have.

Money, love, sustenance, those things live inside you.  Pride, courage, ability.  Possibility.  You got it.

Anything is possible.  You can do anything at all.  We are given time on earth, we are all here anyway.  Why not make it the absolute best it can be?  Forget anything anyone ever said about limits.  You have the power.  You have always had the power.

Recipe for Remembering How Fantastic You Are and How Fun Life Is

  • your favorite song to dance to
  1. Turn on your favorite song to dance to.  Turn it on LOUD.  Piss off your neighbors.
  2. DANCE.

Have a beautiful day, everybody :)





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