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About GoodMakers Street Team

Create. Collaborate. Celebrate. Change.

The Goodmaker’s Street Team serves as the creative youth division of Goodmaker’s. Comprised of a collection of tenacious twentysomethings, the GM Street Team is a self-sufficient tribe of do-gooders, producing and managing creative events, initiatives and campaigns to spotlight various charities and spread the general notion of giving back.

Collective for GOOD

The Collective for GOOD initiative is the GM Street Team’s latest launch, encouraging young people to incorporate ideas of global awareness and creative activism in their lives, without leaving behind their personal ambitions. The ‘Collective for GOOD’ campaign influences people to combine their individual pursuits with Collective for GOOD by establishing communities committed to creating, collaborating and celebrating change. Each Street Team member dedicates a portion of their personal time to a ‘Collective for GOOD’ initiative, resulting in a wide variety of micro-communities, all dedicated to doing good, giving back and inspiring change. A few of the newest initiatives are FOOD for GOOD, wherein bakers, cooks and food-lovers alike commit themselves to providing food and proceeds to charitable causes, SPIN for GOOD, wherein DJ’s dedicate sets and event nights to spotlighting and fundraising for various charities and KICKS for GOOD, wherein donated sneakers are custom designed by incredible street artists to be auctioned off for charity or given to those in need. All are encouraged to join the initiative that best suits their passions, talents and interest. Or, in the case that one such initiative does not yet exist, to seize the opportunity to start their own!

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